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ichihachisubs's Journal

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Ichihachi Fansubs
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Jdrama Fansubber
Welcome to the Ichihachi closed community

Here you will find our subtitles for Japanese films and dramas. Updates found on Twitter and Facebook @ichihachisubs.

There will be some exception to streaming Japanese films and dramas on our website: https://www.ichihachisubs.com/

For Hardsub &Softsub download links, they will be added here.

Fansubbers who wish to re-translate will need to send a direct message on our Twitter, Facebook or here on LiveJournal to verify. By sending us your fansub blog/community.

Once we get fansub verification we will send you a direct message when an episode (softsub) has been completed. 

The member's only community was created due to our previous subtitles unfortunate situation of being stolen for-profit and reuploaded.

To join the community (strictly for viewers):

• Please send us a direct message here ( https://ext-5589850.livejournal.com/profile/) of your Livejournal account stating "Why you are interested in joining the closed community" and explain the member's reminder's in "your own words".

• For people who are new to LiveJournal, let us know via Twitter or Facebook and do the above. Thank you.

Your message would "determine your chance" of getting accepted into the community.
You will be "automatically rejected" if the two requirements' is not directly messaged to us.

Member's reminders:

• Please DO NOT claim or resell our English Subtitles as your own (this includes other fansubbers translations).

• Please be mindful. The fansubbing community works really hard to translate while giving context and access to international viewers.

• Please DO NOT reupload or reshare the English Subtitles to YouTube or any Streaming Sites.

• For Fansubbers interested in translating our subtitles into another language, please direct message us a link of your blog/fansubbing community via Twitter or Facebook.

We'll do what we can to provide the best English subtitles for the Japanese content.

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